GreenshootHR naar Emergenetics Brain Summit 2011


Dear Friends and Emergenetics Associates,

In case you have missed it please herewith find below some detailed info including agenda of our next Brain Summit in Singapore Oct 16 – 19th

The Brain Summit is coming up quickly and we want you to know all of the great things you can expect at this year’s event –

Our theme is the CORE and how Emergenetics can help individuals and organizations Create. Optimize. Relate. and Evolve.

With this in mind, you’ll see on the attached agenda that we’ve packed the Summit with speakers, sessions and workshops all clearly focused on affecting the bottom line. You’ll hear from Emergenetics Founder Dr. Geil Browning and speakers from all over the world!

And, you’ll find out new ways to use Emergenetics to create results and impact for your clients and organizations. Check out the agenda and get yourself to Singapore for this can’t-miss event!

For subscription go to the website.